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  1. Equipment: All bats used in league play must be regulation, yellow Wiffle® bats. They may not be altered in any way; however they may have one layer of plastic or thin cloth tape on the handle. Balls must be baseball size Wiffle® brand. (no cleats or spikes).

  2. Rosters: All teams may have 6-8 players on their roster. Each team will have 6 players in the field at all times but may bat all 8. No roster changes will be allowed under any circumstances, after tournament play begins.

  3. Players in a Game/Optional Designated Hitters: Teams unable to field at 5 rostered players, at any time, for any reason, will forfeit any games scheduled at that time. Teams will play no more than 6 players in the field – and may utilize players 7 & 8 as a designated hitters. 

  4. Positions & Switches:  Outfielders may play anywhere in the field of play. Catchers must be utilized behind the plate. Players may switch defensive positions at any time, including pitchers and catchers. Designated hitters will not play the field, however they may switch their DH position with any defensive player at any time. Regardless of position switches, batting orders will stay the same for the duration of games.

  5. Substitutions: Substitutions may be made. If you have a player or players on the bench   (not used as DH) and a bench player replaces a starting player in the field, or at bat, he/she shall take the replaced players spot in the batting order. However, once a player leaves a game, that player may not return to the same game. Exception: If a player suffers a tournament-ending injury, a player who has previously left the game may re-enter that game as a sub.

  6. Innings: All games will be four innings. Extra innings will be played in case of a tie.

  7. Pitching: All pitches must be slow and have an arc on them. (An arc is defined as: the ball, after release, reaching a point higher than the point of the pitcher’s release.) No sidearm pitching will be allowed

  8. A pitcher who deliberately refuses to throw legal, hittable pitches after a reasonable period of time may be cited for “stalling” by the tournament director, which will be treated as a sportsmanship. The pitcher must have one foot on, and one foot in front of the rubber when the ball is released. No backpedaling will be allowed until the ball is released.

  9. All Balls and strikes are designated by the “square” on the backstop behind home plate.  If the ball hits the square or hits in the square it will be considered a strike.  If the ball does not hit the on or in the square and is not swung at by the batter, it is considered a ball.  


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